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I'm a Talent manager

I was born in São Paulo, graduated in Social Communication, with specialization in Radio, TV, and Journalism, post-graduated in Business Communication and recently graduated in Music Business at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). I have always been passionate about music, which made me attend a musical conservatory when I was a teenager and led me to study Music Business.

Over 14 years of my career I have been collecting amazing jobs on my journey. I have been working as a producer since 2007. I produced short films, winning national awards for best short films, produced TV shows - such as: "Hello, Family", "Planeta Brasil", "Idols", "Tast It", "The Phone" and "Benidorm Bastards". I have also worked on the main TV channels in Brazil, such as Rede Globo, Record, Band, Canal Glitz, and on the GloboPlay streaming platform. On Band FM radio, I produced "Love Songs" show and "A Hora do Ronco." I coordinated the production of concerts and press relations for several artists, worked as a nucleus assistant at the “Prestige Assessoria” agency and the main content producers in Brazil, such as Fremantle Media, Duo2, Go Media, GW and “Atrás da Moita Filmes”.

I lived in Australia, where I graduated in English from Shafston International College. Later I went to Spain where I studied Spanish at “Instituto Cervantes” and Audiovisual Arts at the “Universidad Europea de Madrid”.

I have worked as a video editor as well, however producing is my great calling.

I have coordinated the production of tour of the girl band “Rouge” in 2012. Afterwards, I began to dedicate myself to the area of talent management. I moved to Rio de Janeiro, and I had the chance to consolidate my career as a talent manager. I was a personal manager of the famous journalist Sônia Bridi, and an artistic manager to the actor Igor Rickli, to the singer and actress Aline Wirley, the singer Renata Fausti, and the singer Igor Braga. I also worked as a sales management for Vanessa Mesquita who won “Big Brother Brasil” and Angelis Borges, winner of a reality show called “A Fazenda”.

Seeking for new challenges, I moved to Los Angeles, California, in 2016.

In the US, I was a producer at Globo International TV channel and also have been working for “GloboPlay USA”. I became a reference as a local producer. I produced short films, fashion editorials, and I was a road tour manager for artists from Brazil. I followed recordings, clips and concerts for Banda 3030, Kevin O Chris, and Rebecca through several US cities.

In partnership with the Black 3 Agency, I produced videos for Whindersson Nunes, the biggest YouTuber in Latin America, and I was in charge of the executive producing of music videos for the singer Nick Cruz from Warner Music.

In collaboration with Oopa Agency, I am part of the team as a producer and I take care of the artistic aspects, having produced the DVD of Rennan da Penha, and doing the commercial raising sponsorships for projects.

I have worked as a producer at Globoplay USA and as tour manager for the Youtubers Nelk Boys, who are successful worldwide with the channel that has more than 8 million subscribers.

Currently, I sign the executive production of the agency “Somos Farol Produções” and I am responsible for the commercial aspects of the company.

I'm a talent manager for the singer and host Aline Wirley, the famous Brazilian actor Igor Rickli, and for the little model, Antônio Christoforo.

Com talentos, trabalha fechando ações comerciais e campanhas para TV e redes sociais. No casting da empresa estão a Youtuber brasileira Anna Layza, com mais de 7 milhões de inscritos no canal do YouTube, o ator global Erik Marmo, Aline Wirley, Igor Rickli e Antônio Christóforo e tem parceria com outros artistas para ações pontuais.

What I Believe

What I Believe

Courageous, fair and honest are words that define me. I believe that we meet people who add to our lives. I work to spread my ideal, which is to work hard, dedicate myself, build a fulfilling career, and deliver the best quality in all the work I do. My clients are my friends, I have professional partnerships that have extend to my personal life and working with people who vibrate in the same intensity is what makes me keep going and striving for more.


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  • Talent Management
  • Talent Agent
  • Advertisement (Commercial - sale of shares / campaigns on TV and social networks)
  • Artistic Advice
  • Executive Production
  • Video Production, Music Video Production and Events Production
  • Sale of shows (Production and commercial)
  • Hiring VIP Presences from different artists
  • Logistics (events and shows)
  • Content Management for Social Networks

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